We need your help please!

Some of Melbourne's great Chefs and Artisan Food Makers are getting their kitchens ready to create delicious and fresh handcrafted lunches and health drinks for your enjoyment and wellbeing........There are also many that are passionate about their unique (and often not so mainstream) cuisines who are looking forward to giving you an interesting food experience at lunchtime.

We've got big plans to get this tasty and wholesome food to your workplace (with free delivery!) as soon as we can.

PLUS - Every time you order a lunch and drink combo from us, you'll automatically be helping fight hunger in our great city.

Please support our 28 day crowdfunding campaign 'The Lunch Shout' (which finishes on  May 24th ) so we can build our website and app and start bringing you and other Melburnians great food experiences that Taste Good, are Good for You and Do Good for others....day in, day out.

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Healthy and Delicious 'Foodie' Meal for You



Nutritious Meal for a Melburnian in need

The Feel Good Factor

Enjoy the taste of new food experiences and feel good about eating healthily and helping out people in need.

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Get Involved

Join our Facebook Event before the April 26th crowdfunding launch so you can help us bring great food to Melbourne's Foodies and Melbourne's needy

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Calling all Chefs

We are looking for more suppliers, so if you'd like to grow your business and make a difference then please get involved. It won't cost you a cent, in fact we pay you well for supplying us meals.

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So how will HealthBreak work?

Browse our weekly menu of delicious healthy meals and drinks

Each week we'll feature different meals from gourmet wraps to artisan pasta meals, from African to Vietnamese. $13.50 buys you a meal and health drink combo.

Checkout a sample menu

Select your meals and pay online

Select 3, 4 or 5 lunches and choose your combinations of meals and drinks. Then simply checkout and pay. (Orders will close Thursday 2pm for next week's meals)

And we'll deliver free of charge!

We'll deliver early on Mondays and Wednesdays so your lunches are nice and fresh. Orders will be placed in your fridge or we can supply an esky